November 2017

Name: OscarOscar


Oscar has been an IHSA horse for St. Lawrence University for five years.  Although he begrudgingly endures flatwork he is happiest in novice, intermediate, and open fences.   A regular draw at regionals, zones, and nationals he has helped many riders to the winners circle.   In his spare time he entertains himself by trying diligently to step on his unsuspecting riders toes.  

Photo courtesy Maureen Michelson

October 2017

Name:  Harleyspotlight horse harley

Registered name: Hotrod in Chrome

Breed:  Quarter Horse

School:  Middle Tennessee State University


Sometimes the horses that stick out the most are the ones that showcase the talents of an individual so much. For MTSU's Harley, he happened to showcase the talents of Mrs. Anne Brzezicki in his many years of stardom as a school horse. When Harley was donated, the term "juvenile delinquent" comes to mind. He was swift in quickly dismounting many riders over the top of him. Anne's consistent work with her students to build Harley's skills, combined with the wise decision to only ride him western for a few years, turned out to be a legendary plan for Harley's IHSA career. Anne has always been proud of her riders' success at the national level, but she is also proud when MTSU's horses represent the training philosophies taught at MTSU in the winners' circle. Harley has won his fair share of national championships, adding another this year. Despite his initial antics as a school horse, Harley has gone on to teach many students how to lope for the first time, as well as the most advanced horsemanship maneuvers of the open riders. With Anne's retirement from coaching, she leaves behind a legacy in the IHSA, but her talent is left in all that she taught. Anne notoriously believed in even the most unlikely of characters, and she brought out the best in all she touched. Harley became a star IHSA horse, because Anne saw something in him all those years ago. 

Photo courtesy MTSU

Spotlight Horse April 2017

Spotlight horse April 2017

Farm Name: Cornerstone Farm
Show Name: Cornerstone’s Star
Owner: Marisa Kalmar, Coach, Lehigh University
Breed: QH cross mare
Divisions Used in: Walk Trot through Open – Zone 3 Region 4

Star is loved far and wide. She was rescued when she was two from a terrible situation and she quickly learned how great life could be when it involved loving students.  She has taken riders from the Mini-Short Stirrup division through the Large Pony Hunter division in both local and rated horse shows, and has done the equivalent for many IHSA riders.  A Lafayette student created an Instagram tribute thanking her for many great performances including a win that helped her to qualify for Regionals.  Coaches feel confident when their riders draw Star, especially the ones new to IHSA competition.  She is now 20 years old and has participated in IHSA competition for almost 15 years!