Interested in media, public relations and communications?
The IHSA is now offering a non-paid internship to IHSA students or coaches interested in representing the IHSA in media, public relations or communications. The IHSA Regional Media Intern will work with his or her Regional President and the IHSA Media Liaison. With thirty-seven Regions in the IHSA there is a lot happening across the country. Each IHSA Regional Media Intern will by representing their region through information and photographs.

Horse show results in your region.
The IHSA Regional Media Intern will assist the Regional President or Official Regional Scorekeeper in passing on results from regular season and Regional competition. This may also include photographs.

It’s not  just about the horse shows.
IHSA horse show results could fill multiple computer screens or pages, but the horses, riders, coaches and volunteers within the organization also provide numerous human interest stories as well. Photos and information from service projects, All-Academic winners, team trips and Regional banquets can be added to photos taken at the horse shows and show what is currently happening in the IHSA today across the country.

Do you have what it takes to do the job?
The IHSA Regional Media Intern can be an IHSA rider or coach. This means that the candidate can be an undergraduate student or an active alumni member. Creativity and the ability to network within the region and an understanding that the candidate will be representing the IHSA are essential. The candidate should not just represent his or her team.

What is the time commitment?
The amount of time will depend upon how active you are in gathering news and information from your region. You will be expected to promptly respond to any requests from your Regional President or the IHSA Media Liaison.

The position will begin in September of each academic year and go through the end of May.

How do I sign up?
Complete the IHSA Regional Media Intern Application and submit it to your Regional President and Zone Chairperson.

And, there’s more.
The IHSA would also like to offer one of its Regional Media Interns experience working at the 2017 IHSA National Horse Show as the IHSA National Horse Show Media Intern. While at the IHSA National Horse Show the intern will have an opportunity to work closely with the IHSA Media Liaison and numerous other media representatives. If you are interested in being considered for this position there is a box to check on the IHSA Regional Media Intern Application. In addition to indicating an interest the winner will also be chosen through his or her body of work throughout the year. This is not a paid internship and the winner will have to pay all of his or her expenses.